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Serap Tekinsav Sütcü, Arzu Aydın, Oya Sorias
2010; 25(66):57-67

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The aim of this study was to prepare a cognitive behavioral group therapy program to reduce anger and aggression and evaluate the effectiveness of the program on the adolescents showing anger and aggression. Firstly the therapy program was developed by the authors. Then a pilot study was carried out to evaluate the defi ciencies and prob- lems of the therapy program. The program was fi nalized after that preliminary study. The twelve-session-program included cognitive restructuring, self-instruction, relaxation, and exposure techniques. In the main study, 40 stu- dents (treatment = 19, control = 21) who met the inclusion criteria at seventh and eighth grade were included in the participant group. To evaluate the effectiveness of the therapy program State Trait Anger and Expression Inventory (STAXI), STAXI parent form, Children’s Action Tendency Scale (CATS), Novaco Anger Inventory - short form were administered as pre-test, post-test and 6-month follow-up measures. Results revealed signifi cant improvements in both self report and parent report of anger and aggression measures in therapy group. Interven- tion gains were largely maintained after 6 months in 8 participants who were available for the follow-up evaluation. The results, limitations and strengths of the study are discussed in the light of the literature.

Keywords: Anger, aggression, cognitive behavioral group therapy, anger control, effectiveness study