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Başak Türküler Aka, Faruk Gençöz
2010; 25(65):69-77

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This study aimed to reveal the effect of cinematherapy on perfectionism and related early maladaptive schemas and investigate the contribution of participants’ identifi cation with the fi lm on this process. Accordingly, demographic information form, Multidimensional Perfectionism Scale (Hewitt & Flett, 1991a; 1991b), three Early Maladaptive Schema (Emotional Inhibition, Unrelenting Standards-Hypercriticalness, Approval Seeking-Recognition Seeking) items from Young Schema Questionnaire (Young & Brown 2001), Film Özdeşleşme Ölçeği, developed for the present purposes, were administered to 34 Turkish university students at pre-, post-, and a 10 days follow-up. One of the two groups in this study only watched the selected fi lm and completed assessment devices and the other group watched the selected fi lm and additionally got a briefi ng about perfectionism. According to results, watching the selected fi lm had an effect on participant’s perfectionism and no effect on perfectionism related schemas. However, it was found that watching the selected fi lm had a temporary effect on Emotional Inhibition Schema when schemas were analyzed separately. Results also showed that participants did not identify themselves with the fi lm characters.

Keywords: Cinematherapy, perfectionism, identifi cation, early maladaptive schemas