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The Relationship between Big Five Personality Characteristics and Confl ict Resolution Approaches

H. Nejat Basım, Fatih Çetin, Akif Tabak
2009; 24(63):20-34

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The purpose of this research was to determine the personality characteristics that influence interpersonal conflict resolution approaches. Accordingly, it was explored how the big five personality characteristics predict conflict resolution approaches that focus on communication processes. The sample was composed of 302 university students and ranged 18 and 26 ages, receiving education in Ankara. Adapted for the national culture, Interpersonal Conflict Resolution Approaches Scale and Big Five Inventory Scale were used as instruments. The results showed that, openness to experience and agreeableness personality characteristics predicted all conflict resolution approaches. In addition, extraversion and conscientiousness personality characteristics played important roles in conflict resolution process. On the other hand, it was not established any relationship between neuroticism characteristic and conflict resolution approaches. Moreover, gender emerged as an important factor in explaining adopted approach in conflict processes. All these fi ndings supported that personal characteristics played an important role in interpersonal conflict resolution processes.

Keywords: Interpersonal conflict, conflict resolution, big five personality