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Predicting Suicide Probability Using the Scores on Anger, Impulsivity, and Perceived Problem Solving Deficiency Measures

Nesrin Hisli Şahin, Aziz Onur, H. Nejat Basım
2008; 23(62):79-88

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The related literature on suicide reveals that perceived deficiencies in problem-solving ability, high impulsivity and intense anger are important variables to predict suicide probability. According to a presented model, “receiving high scores on all three variables might indicate a risk for suicide”. The purpose of the present study is to investigate the validity of this model on a sample consisting of 792 male public servants. The assessment instruments were: Personal Information Questionnaire, Multidimensional Anger Scale, MMPI Impulsivity Scale, Problem Solving Inventory, and Suicide Probability Scale. The results indicate that the model suggesting to the predictive power of the three variables might indeed be valid, i.e., those who are high in anger and impulsivity with a lack of problem solving abilities are also high in suicide probability.

Keywords: Suicide, Problem Solving, Anger, Impulsivity