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Suicide Risk and Gender: An Evaluation of Suicide in Respect to Interpersonal Relationship Style, Reasons for Living, Loneliness, and Hopelessness

Ayşegül Durak Batıgün
2008; 23(62):65-75

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The aim of this studyis to specify the role of interpersonal style, loneliness, hopelessness and the reasons for living in predicting the suicide probability of males and females. In other words it was meant to investigate how the variables predicting suicide probability vary in terms of gender. The study was conducted with 1003 individuals between 18- 60 years of age, living in Ankara, İzmir and Mersin. The regression analyses carried seperately for females and males revealed that loneliness, hopelessness and love of life-living are common predictors for both genders. However, in terms of interpersonal style, for females, the predictor varaible was the lack of nourishing style, along with lack of social support; while for males, it was the poisoning/inhibiting style and education.

Keywords: Suicide, gender, interpersonal style, reasons for living, loneliness, hopelessness