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Are People's Beliefs About Their Own Memory Consistent with Controlled Studies?

Metehan Irak
2008; 23(62):17-33

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The first aim of the study was to investigate people’s beliefs about their own memory and to investigate consistency between these beliefs and current research findings among a sample of the general public in Turkey. The second aim was to look at cross-cultural differences concerning the general public’s beliefs about memory performance. Data for this study was collected through an internet-based survey using the Beliefs About Memory Questionnaire (Magnussen et al., 2006). Analyses were carried out in 931 men and women of differing ages and levels of education. In general, results showed that even though people have realistic beliefs on several general issues about memory, some beliefs that are not consistent with results of controlled studies. In addition, results indicated that beliefs about memory performance were similar across different cultures.

Keywords: Memory, beliefs about memory, cross-cultural differences