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Is it Metacognition or Executive Functions? The Prediction of Feeling of Knowing From Attention Processes Which are Measured With Neuropsychological Tests

Metehan Irak
2005; 20(56):97-118

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In this study the variation of "feeling of knowing" (FOK) -as one kind of one type of meta-cognition- with respect to different memory types was investigated and predictability of FOK from attention performance, which was measured by neuropsychological tests was examined. 72 healthy university students participated in the study volunteerly basis. Focused attention was measured by Stroop Test and sustained attention was measured by Cancellation Test. Word pairs was used in the study for short-term memory and overlearning while memory span was used for working memory. In addition, FOK was measured for all memory tasks. Results showed that FOK was differantiated according to types of memory and it was affected from remembering performance. Also, FOK was predicted from focused and sustained attention. These findings has pointed out that metacognition and executive function may be similar processes.

Keywords: Meta-cognition, feeling of knowing, short-term memory, working memory, overlearning, executive functions