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The Association of Family Functioning, Parental Attitudes, and Self-Esteem with the Adolescents' Self Rated Behavioral Problems

Reyhan Bahçivan, Saydam Tülin Gençöz
2005; 20(55):61-77

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The aim of this study is to examine the association of adolescents' self rated behavioral problems with the family functioning, parental attitudes, and self-esteem. The sample is consisted of 153 adolescents from a public high school, the age range is between 14 and 17 (M = 15.09, S.D. = 1.01). Participants completed Mc Master Family Assessment Device (FAD), Parental Attitude Research Instrument (PARI), Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale, Youth Self Report (YSR) and a demographic information form. Low self-esteem has been found to be associated with the adolescents' total problem behavior, and internalizing and externalizing problem behaviors. Concerning the family functioning styles, deficits and conflicts in general functioning, affective responsiveness, problem solving, and role assignments were found to be significantly associated with the adolescents' behavioral problems. Among parental attitudes, excessively democratic, friendly parenting attitudes and rejection of strict discipline were found to be significant associates of externalizing problems of the adolescents. The findings were discussed in relation to the relevant literature.

Keywords: Adolescence, self-esteem, family functioning, parental attitude, behavioral problem