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Intrusive Autobiographical Memory and Its Depressive Theme on High Depressive Symptomatology

Ahmet Tosun
2006; 21(58):21-37

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The research investigates the intrusion and depressive content of the autobiographical memory (AM) that associated with depressive self cognition. 493 students from different universities in 2004-2005 academic years participated in the study. Cognition Check List, Depressive Content Evaluation Form, Impact of Event Scale and Beck Depression Inventory were applied. Results showed that, depressives evaluated their own self at the event as more ‘worthless’, ‘unlovable’ and ‘inefficient’. They evaluated the others at the event as more ‘distrustful, ‘rejective’ and ‘unsupportive’ and the event as more ‘unchangeable’ in future than non-depressives. Concerning AM associated with depressive cognition, depressives reported more intrusion of the AM than non-depressives. It is considered that depressive persons’ AM associated with depressive cognition may be a self defining memory. As a result, it is suggested that AM is an important material and context in changing procedure of depressive cognitions in CBT.

Keywords: Depression, self, autobiographical memory, memory, cognition, intrusion