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Impression Management, Self-Perception, Locus of Control, Achievement of Professional Goals and Stress: A Study in a Public Sector Organization

H. Nejat Basım, İlker Tatar, Nesrin Hisli Şahin
2006; 21(58):1-19

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The aim of this research is to investigate the demographic factors and some personality variables that might be correlated with the use of the impression management tactics. The sample is composed of 518 male low and mid level managers working in a public sector institution responsible for security on national scale. The assessment instruments used were: the Impression Management Scale, the Social Comparison Scale; Rotter’s Internal-External Locus of Control Scale, and the Brief Symptom Inventory, all adapted for the Turkish culture.

The age range was 22-51 years. The managers were assigned to units of the same institution in various provinces of Turkey. The results showed that the demographic variables such as status, place of employment, period of employment, together with self-perception, locus of control beliefs, degree of satisfaction with goal attainment, and stress symptoms were significantly related to the impression management tactics they used.

Keywords: Impression management, self-perception, locus of control, stress