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The Effects of Stressful Life Events and Self-Monitoring Behavior on Work-Family Conflict in Dual-Career Families

M. Deniz Giray, Canan Ergin
2006; 21(57):83-107

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This study examined the relationship between the work-family and family-work conflicts and self-monitoring behavior, life events, demographic characteristics in dual-career couples. The present sample consisted of 157 couples, a total of 314 women and men, working in professional career fields. Results revealed that both women and men reported greater work-family conflict than family-work conflict. For women; age, work-related life event and other life events were significantly related to work-family conflict, and number of children, and managerial position are significantly related to family-work conflict. For men a significant relationship was found between work-related life event and work-family conflict only. Findings about self-monitoring behavior and work-family, family-work conflicts revealed that there was significant, positive relation between men's self-monitoring behavior and work-family conflict.

Keywords: Work-family conflict, family-work conflict, dual career couple, self-monitoring behavior, life events