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A Study of Couples? Love Attitudes Within Lee's Multidimensional Love Styles Framework

Ayda Büyükşahin, Selim Hovardaoğlu
2004; 19(54):59-75

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In this research, two consecutive studies were conducted. In the first study, the reliability and validity of Love Attitudes Scale-LAS: Short Form developed by Hendrick, Hendrick ve Dicke and based on Lee?s love styles (eros, mania, pragma, agape, ludus, storge) were examined in the Turkish sample. In the second study, the love attitudes of the couples who are engaged or married and the couples who are dating were compared by using the same scale. Moreover, in this study, the relationship between different love styles and satisfaction with the relationship, giving importance to it, and having troubles with it were examined. Study one was demostrated that LAS has satisfactory level of reliability and validity on Turkish samples. In the second study, 53 dating couples and 54 engaged/married couples were given LAS adopted for this research. The analyses have yielded that, men display agape love style in their relationships more than women while there is no difference between men and women with regard to other love styles. Furthermore, the results showed that the love styles were differentiating according to the type of the relationship. It was found that dating couples display mania love style more than engaged/married couples. It was revealed that relationship satisfaction was positively correlated with agape and eros love styles while relation satisfaction was negatively correlated with ludus love styles. It was found that there was a negative correlation between having trouble with relationship and agape and eros love style while there was a positive correlation between having trouble with relationship and ludus and mania love style.

Keywords: Love styles, love attitudes, type of relationship, satisfaction, importance given to the relationship, relationship problems