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Situational Determinants of Distributive Justice Norms: Nature of the Relationship and Attributing Responsibilty

Serap Akgün
2004; 19(54):1-17

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Two studies on distributive justice norms used by Turkish students have been conducted. The purpose of the first study was to answer the question of which distributive justice norms were preferred more than others and to examine whether preferred justice norms varied depending on type of the relationship. Five hundred and seventy-seven voluntary students participated in the study. Results indicated that students preferred different justice norms for different relationships. Specifically, equity was preferred more for impersonal relationships, whereas need was used more for family relationships. In the second study, the role of attributing responsibility in using the need norm was investigated. Three hundred and ninety-nine undergraduate students participated in the study. Scenarios were used in order to manipulate responsibility attributions. The results revealed that the cause of low performance had a significant effect on allocation decisions whereas the cause of need did not.

Keywords: Distributive justice norms, equity, equality, need, type of relationship, attribution of responsibility