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An Assessment of Families of Cancer Patients and Behçet Patients in Terms of Emotion and Family Functioning

Ülgen H. Okyayuz
2004; 19(53):87-104

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In this study, families of patients diagnosed with cancer or Behçet?s disease were assessed in terms of state and trait anxiety, depression levels, their emotion suppression tendency and family functioning. The control group consisted of individuals who had no family history of chronic disease and who had not received psychiatric assistance previously in any way. The State ? Trait Anxiety Inventory. Beck Depression Inventory (BDI), Courtauld Emotional Control Scale (CECS) and Family Assessment Device (FAD) were employed in the study. The findings indicated that the relatives of cancer patients were more anxious, depressed and suppressed their emotions more when compared with those of Behçet?s disease patients and controls. However, no significant disruptions were observed in family functioning in any of the three groups.

Keywords: Cancer, Behçet Disease, family, emotional control, depression, anxiety